5 Reasons Why You Should Use Silk Exfoliating Gloves

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Silk Exfoliating Gloves


Originating from Ancient Turkish bathhouses as part of a luxurious ritual, silk exfoliating gloves are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Find out why you should try them here. 

Silk is an emblem of luxury; smooth, soft and radiant - just like you want your skin to be! So it’s a no-brainer you’d use silk to achieve softer skin, right? We think so. In fact, we know so. Deep silk exfoliation originated from ancient Turkey where silk mitts were hand-weaved and used as part of a luxurious detoxification ritual. Sounds dreamy… So why did the ancient Turkish use silk for exfoliation, other than the fact it feels a lot nicer on the skin? Turns out they were onto something…

  1. Silk exfoliating gloves are suitable for even the most sensitive skin:

They say “treat your body like a temple”, so why not use silk? Those with keratosis pilaris, a common skin complaint that causes raised bumps on the arms and legs, are often more prone to irritable skin. And these are the people that tend to exfoliate their skin the most in an attempt to get rid of it! But if you’re using the typical exfoliator or scrub, you’re going about it all wrong. Usually harsh and bristly or chemical-filled, they’ll hinder your skin more than helping it, causing irritation and inflammation which wasn’t exactly the goal. In contrast, silk exfoliation soothes and smoothes, making for a proper pamper session that will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed, not worse off!


  1. Silk exfoliating gloves will simplify your skincare routine:
Another bonus is the silk exfoliating glove is all you need, besides water. Drop the nasty and often expensive exfoliating gels we’ve just discussed - all you need to do is hop in the shower with your silk exfoliating glove and…water! You no longer need to worry about possible skin reactions to harsh products and materials, and it won't cost earth with all that unnecessary plastic packaging.


  1. It’s a deeper kind of exfoliation

Silk is unique in that it’s tightly woven, making it better at getting deeper into the skin to remove dead skin cells, all without scrubbing away your natural oils and causing irritation in the process. It also gets to the root of issues that other exfoliators can’t as easily, like blackheads, ingrown hairs and acne. 


  1. With silk exfoliation you’ll see real results

This unique weave makes silk better at boosting blood flow to the skin and improving collagen and elastin production. Both are essential for skin cell renewal, which is needed to see any real changes to your skin! It’s your best bet for seeing results in your scarring, cellulite, keratosis pilaris, breakouts and other skin conditions you might be tackling. And it leaves the skin softer, smoother and glowier than ever, just like silk you might say. 

  1. Silk exfoliating gloves are the best removing fake tan

Fake tan is notoriously hard to get rid of - you’ve probably tried everything under the sun. But you’ll be pleased to know that finely woven silk is the best for the job. The unique weave of silk gets to the hard-to-remove bits and gently eases them off without the need for harsh chemicals. This leaves a fresh, clean base for more fake tan applications!


Not all silk exfoliating gloves are created equal though - you’ll want to make sure your glove is 100% silk and doesn’t contain any hidden unwanted materials. No1 Illume silk exfoliating gloves are 100% woven silk and only £15.99. Find out more here.

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