Benefits of our Silk Exfoliating Glove

Re-Energises Skin
Using the N°1 Illume glove to exfoliate can help unclog blocked pores and encourage oxygenation of the skin. Leaving a brighter, hydrated, illuminated skin.
Removes Dry Skin
The N°1 Illume silk exfoliating glove effortlessly removes the build-up of dry skin which can cause it to look dull and tired. 
Removes Fake Tan
For the removal of fake tan, look no further! Gentle exfoliation with the N°1 Illume glove can remove that last stubborn tan, as well as preparing your skin for the next application.
Natural Exfoliating & Peeling
When the surface skin is removed a ‘peel’ can occur. This is completely normal and can be
Prevents Ingrowing Hairs
Where hairs have curled backwards on themselves and grown inwards often small red bumps form and can be tender. By gently exfoliating with the N°1 Illume glove you can ensure that any loose dead skin which can prevent the hair from breaking the surface, is removed.
Improves Circulation
Stimulating blood flow with gentle exfoliation can encourage the release of toxins from the skin, and enables your body to efficiently remove it. This can encourage your skin to glow
Promotes Smooth Skin
Removing any loose skin from the surface by way of exfoliation can facilitate quicker absorption of moisturisers and leave the skin feeling smooth and silky.