Light up, illuminate

Using 100% intricately woven silk, the N°1 Illume glove will effortlessly exfoliate,
purify and energise your skin.

This ancient ritual of deep exfoliation and detoxification originates from the bath houses of Turkey and Northern Africa, known to many as Hammam. This is known to have many benefits for the mind, body and soul.

With physical benefits including improving the appearance of Keratosis Pilaris and ingrown hairs, the N°1 Illume exfoliating glove will transform your skin and make it glow!

  • Improves Blood Flow Exfoliating Benefit
  • Remove Fake Tan Exfoliating Benefit
  • Improves Scaring & Cellulites Exfoliating Benefit
  • Removes Dry Skin Exfoliating Benefit
  • Natural Exfoliating & Peeling Exfoliating Benefit
  • Re-Energise Skin Exfoliating Benefit
  • Prevents Ingrowing Hairs Exfoliating Benefit
  • Promotes Smooth Skin Exfoliating Benefit
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