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About Our Glove

We recommend using the N°1 Illume glove once a week to maintain the equilibrium of your skin.

100% natural silk viscose (no silk worms were harmed!)

Silk viscose actually originates from wood pulp - meaning our gloves are vegan and biodegradable. 

Our gloves are handmade in Turkey using traditional methods and packaged in the UK.

To keep your glove in tip top condition we recommend rinsing with warm water and hanging to dry after each use.

For a more thorough wash (recommended once a week), use a gentle detergent (we use Persil silk and wool for delicates), and soak in warm water. Rinse off any remaining detergent, stretch back into shape and hang to dry.  

Do not machine wash, as this will encourage your glove to shrink.

Absolutely! The N°1 Illume glove will remove the dead skin on the surface (that’s what you’ll see as peel) along with unclogging pores and loosening any ingrowing hairs. Alternatively, you may not see any peel at all, as this is dependent on how often you exfoliate and your skin type. But rest assured, your glove will still be working to effectively exfoliate your skin. 

You can! We recommend being much more gentle on your face and avoid any excessive rubbing any areas of breakouts. Saying that, gentle exfoliation once a week can visibly improve the appearance of scarring and acne. 

We have a specific face glove available which is made from the same high quality silk viscose as our body gloves, if you would prefer separates for face and body. 

1) Soak skin under warm, steamy water for 10-15 minutes,
2) Put on N°1 Illume exfoliating glove, and rinse under warm water,
3) Turn off the water and move the glove in sweeping motions across your skin applying pressure. No need to use any soap or body wash!,
4) You’ll notice your skin may start to peel, this is completely normal. Give special attention to areas where skin is slightly tougher, we’re talking knees, elbows and ankles,
5) Rinse your skin thoroughly,
6) Pat skin dry and apply some of your favourite moisturiser. Illuminated skin is that easy!

We recommend replacing the glove every 4 / 6 months to ensure continued effectiveness and hygiene.

Postage & Duties

All orders are shipped via Royal Mail.

Kindly note: Once orders are shipped, delivery is outside of our control. However, the below guidance gives you an idea of what to expect..

UK orders
Items will be dispatched no later than 48 hours after the order is placed. UK orders will be shipped Royal Mail 1st class, and should be delivered within 1-3 working days.

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Worldwide orders
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Please note:
Due to COVID-19 & Brexit our European and Worldwide order are experiencing delays, we appreciate your patience. 

We offer a variety of standard or tracked delivery methods.

For the UK, delivery is free on all orders. 

For other locations, shipping costs are varied. Please head to the checkout to calculate shipping costs.

Please note: for some locations, we only offer international tracked shipping due to some uncertainty with the postal systems. For locations where international tracked shipping is not chosen, we are unable to track it, therefore please be patient with delivery times.

We are not liable to any customs or import duties the destination country may charge. However before you purchase, you can use Simply Duty to see what import costs are likely to be.

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