Why We Should Exfoliate Our Scalps | Scalp Care 101

Why We Should Exfoliate Our Scalps | Scalp Care 101

The skin on our head, aka our scalp, isn’t something we think about on a day to day basis. And because of that, it gets neglected in the typical skincare programme. How many times have you washed your hair with something that you would never put on your face? Skin is skin, and if yours is especially sensitive, chances are your scalp will be too. Listen up, it’s time to take scalp care more seriously. 


What are the most common scalp conditions?

Dry, flakey scalps, e.g. dandruff, seem to be the norm, especially in winter. Extreme weather changes are often too much for the skin, whacking it out of balance. But there are ways around that, all starting with changing your mentality around your skin as a whole! 


Dandruff is typically caused by the unhealthy environment we create with hair dye, harsh shampoos, products and the general lack of care we give our scalps. What’s more, dandruff and the endless list of products we use build up on the scalp, leading to more problems like greasy hair, blocked hair follicles (preventing healthy hair growth!) and itchiness. 

Blocked hair follicles are also known as folliculitis, caused by a buildup of bacteria and appear as spots on the scalp.


Another common skin condition that shows up on the scalp is psoriasis. This is actually an autoimmune condition, causing scaly, inflamed patches all over the body. 


The best scalp care regime


The first step to a good scalp care programme is getting rid of the product build up and dead skin cells with exfoliation. This’ll enable any products you use afterwards to properly get to work and show results much quicker.


But remember what we said about the scalp being just as sensitive as the skin on your face - you don’t want to be using any old exfoliating scrub. A high quality scalp brush that’s free of harsh chemicals and gentle on your skin is your best bet. Our new No1 Illume Exfoliating Scalp Brush is 100% natural, made from hygienic silicone and perfect for exfoliation and scalp massage.


Using an exfoliating scalp brush also increases blood circulation to the scalp; and you know what that means? Hair growth requires good circulation in the area, so by stimulating it you can speed up the process and make sure new hair comes through strong and healthy! Improved blood circulation also leads to better lymphatic drainage, essential for a healthy functioning immune system (as this is one of the main ways your body gets rid of toxins and illnesses) and better healing skin as a result. Collagen and elastin, which are key components to your skin and hair, are also stimulated by exfoliation. As well as improving the appearance of skin and hair, they also promote skin cell renewal and repair. 


Thought you were doomed to dandruff and poorly growing hair for life? Chances are you just need to give your scalp a little more love and you’ll have healthier, longer and stronger hair in no time! Our Exfoliating Scalp Brush really has all bases covered to improve the health of your scalp. So why not give it a try? Shop here!

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